The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,555  Serials: 61,760  Visitors: 59,600,587  Members: 5,041  Photos: 37,586  Lat/Lng: 31,830  Masks: 61,760(942.18%)  Traits: 557  Nudges: 190,919  Backglasses: 1,865
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,213)  Most Submissions: Dennis Braun(5,706)  Most Points: Dennis Braun(42,427)  Highest Quality: EM-fan(9.45)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(25,019)
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18/19/2022Strange World1062    Pawel Napierala  1 
28/19/2022Strange World1062    GameTime  1 
38/19/2022Strange World1062    I P FREELY  1 
48/19/2022XenonEXE10923    I P FREELY  1 
58/19/2022XenonEXE10923    GameTime  1 
68/19/2022Pin-Bowler50655  GameTime  1 
78/19/2022Strange World1062     pinballservice-nl  1 
88/19/2022XenonEXE10923     pinballservice-nl  1 
98/19/2022Pin-Bowler50655   pinballservice-nl  1 
108/19/2022Strange World1062    Isochronic Frost  1 
118/19/2022XenonEXE10923    Isochronic Frost  1 
128/19/2022XenonEXE10923    PMOORE  1Verified
138/19/2022Pin-Bowler50655  hazmat7719  1 
148/19/2022Pin-Bowler50655  Isochronic Frost  1 
158/19/2022Pin-Bowler50655  Charles P  1 
168/19/2022Canada Dry04854    Kevin D  1 
178/19/2022Canada Dry04854    Dick Lineberry  1 
188/19/2022Skill Jumbo04854    Isochronic Frost  1 
198/19/2022Canada Dry04854     pinballservice-nl  1 
208/18/2022Skill Jumbo04854    Dick Lineberry  1 
218/18/2022The Getaway: High Speed II50004I855192  Dick Lineberry  1 
228/18/2022Canada Dry04854    GameTime  1 
238/18/2022Skill Jumbo04854    GameTime  1 
248/18/2022Firepower426497    GameTime  1 
258/18/2022Canada Dry04854    Charles P  1 
268/18/2022Skill Jumbo04854    Charles P  1 
278/18/2022Skill Jumbo04854    King of Pinball  1 
288/18/2022Firepower426497    King of Pinball  1 
298/18/2022Firepower426497    Charles P  1 
308/18/2022Firepower426497    Isochronic Frost  1 
318/18/2022The Getaway: High Speed II50004I855192  Isochronic Frost  1 
328/18/2022Firepower426497     pinballservice-nl  1 
338/18/2022The Getaway: High Speed II50004I855192  hazmat7719  1 
348/18/2022The Getaway: High Speed II50004I855192   pinballservice-nl  1 
358/18/2022The Getaway: High Speed II50004I855192  King of Pinball  1 
368/18/2022Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition)244179    GameTime  1 
378/18/2022Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition)244179    Isochronic Frost  1 
388/18/2022Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition)244179     pinballservice-nl  1 
398/18/2022Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition)244179    hazmat7719  1 
408/18/2022Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition)244179    Dick Lineberry  1 
418/18/2022The Party Zone20004I845040    GameTime  1 
428/18/2022The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition52038406872    Dick Lineberry  1 
438/18/2022OktoberfestOKF1081    Isochronic Frost  1 
448/18/2022OktoberfestOKF1081    King of Pinball  1 
458/18/2022OktoberfestOKF1081     pinballservice-nl  1 
468/18/2022OktoberfestOKF1227    King of Pinball  1 
478/18/2022OktoberfestOKF1081    Tom Bagaglia  1 
488/18/2022OktoberfestOKF1081    I P FREELY  1 
498/18/2022OktoberfestOKF1227    Tom Bagaglia  1 
508/18/2022OktoberfestOKF1108    Tom Bagaglia  1