The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

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  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,327)  Most Submissions: Dennis Braun(6,136)  Most Points: Dennis Braun(45,678)  Highest Quality: The Knight(17.00)  Most Nudges: pinballservice-nl(28,998)
IPDB Data Updates
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Super Missil4/7/2024[7049, Added to Database (7049)]
Criterium 44/7/2024[7050, Added to Database (7050)]
Vampiro4/7/2024[7051, Added to Database (7051)]
The Professional4/7/2024[7052, Added to Database (7052)]
The Oval Auto Cricket4/7/2024[7053, Added to Database (7053)]
Madrid4/7/2024[7054, Added to Database (7054)]
Star Dust4/7/2024[3506, ModelNumber updated from '' to '936']
Double '8'4/7/2024[4198, GameName updated from 'Double `8'' to 'Double '8'']
Double 84/7/2024[7055, Added to Database (7055)]
Super '8'4/7/2024[2427, GameName updated from 'Super-8' to 'Super '8'']
Harley-Davidson (2nd production run)2/25/2024[7047, Added to Database (7047)]
Harley-Davidson (1st production run)2/25/2024[1126, GameName updated from 'Harley-Davidson' to 'Harley-Davidson (1st production run)']
All Star Foot Ball2/25/2024[7048, Added to Database (7048)]
Match-Ball Wall-Flipper11/5/2023[7046, Added to Database (7046)]
"Lucky Loop"9/7/2023[7044, Added to Database (7044)]
Super Circus Rifle9/7/2023[7045, Added to Database (7045)]
Pipeline9/7/2023[5275, ManufacturedYear updated from '' to '1978']
Big Bank Nite8/5/2023[227, GameName updated from 'Big Bank-Nite' to 'Big Bank Nite']
Grand Prize8/5/2023[4317, ManufacturedMonth updated from '3' to '2']
Combination8/5/2023[3028, ManufacturedMonth updated from '3' to '2']
In Concert8/5/2023[7043, Added to Database (7043)]
Loony7/6/2023[4012, GameName updated from 'Looney' to 'Loony']
Ametrallador Atomico7/6/2023[7041, Added to Database (7041)]
Texas Ranger (Prototype)7/6/2023[7042, Added to Database (7042)]
Retro Spa5/6/2023[7037, ProductionRun updated from '' to '1']
Flipper5/5/2023[7040, Added to Database (7040)]
Brave Team5/5/2023[4480, ModelNumber updated from '' to 'A-1028']
Moving Target Rifle Gallery4/2/2023[7007, Added to Database (7007)]
Coquette4/2/2023[567, ProductionRun updated from '' to '1225']
Hayburners II4/2/2023[1143, ProductionRun updated from '' to '2303']
Gay 90's4/2/2023[989, ProductionRun updated from '' to '3127']
Straight Flush4/2/2023[2393, ProductionRun updated from '' to '2352']
Dipsy Doodle4/2/2023[683, ProductionRun updated from '' to '4703']
Doodle Bug4/2/2023[703, ProductionRun updated from '' to '3006']
Hi-FLY Baseball4/2/2023[3144, GameName updated from 'Hi-FLY' to 'Hi-FLY Baseball']
Baseball Pool4/2/2023[5750, Players updated from '2' to '4']
Sky Rocket4/2/2023[7008, Added to Database (7008)]
Criss Cross Wild West Gallery4/2/2023[7009, Added to Database (7009)]
Flying Saucer4/2/2023[7011, Added to Database (7011)]
Twin Pirate Gun4/2/2023[7012, Added to Database (7012)]
Barracuda4/2/2023[7013, Added to Database (7013)]
Crazy Gang4/2/2023[7016, Added to Database (7016)]
Gold Rush4/2/2023[7017, Added to Database (7017)]
Red Arrow (payout model)4/2/2023[7023, Added to Database (7023)]
Blue Spot4/2/2023[7014, Added to Database (7014)]
Super Blue Spot4/2/2023[7024, Added to Database (7024)]
Lucky Draw4/2/2023[7019, Added to Database (7019)]
Lolly Dolly4/2/2023[7018, Added to Database (7018)]
Cherry Parade4/2/2023[7015, Added to Database (7015)]
Mountain Climber4/2/2023[7021, Added to Database (7021)]