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Stern M-200 MPU
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Stats:  MPU used in 23 games.
Backglass Image Meteor1979Leisure & Allied Industries, of Perth, Australia3
Backglass Image Meteor1979Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 107
Backglass Image Galaxy1980Leisure & Allied Industries, of Perth, Australia3
Backglass Image Galaxy1980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 60
Backglass Image Ali1980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 21
Backglass Image Big Game1980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 40
Backglass Image Seawitch1980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 66
Backglass Image Cheetah1980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 27
Backglass Image Quicksilver1980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 41
Backglass Image Star Gazer1980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 46
Backglass Image Flight 20001980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 103
Backglass Image Nine Ball1980Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 45
Backglass Image Freefall1981Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 17
Backglass Image Lightning1981Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 38
Backglass Image Split Second1981Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 29
Backglass Image Viper1981Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 14
Backglass Image Catacomb1981Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 37
Backglass Image Dragonfist1981Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 11
Backglass Image Cue1982Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 0
Backglass Image Hypnox1982Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 0
Backglass Image Iron Maiden1982Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 19
Backglass Image Orbitor 11982Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 60
Backglass Image Lazer Lord1982Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 1