The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,217  Serials: 46,737  Visitors: 23,576,992  Members: 3,433  Photos: 24,025  Lat/Lng: 23,616  Masks: 46,737(751.76 %)  Traits: 494  Nudges: 122,363  Backglasses: 1,862
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(981)  Most Submissions: Rod McLarge(3,261)  Most Points: Rod McLarge(27,943)  Highest Quality: EM-fan(9.02)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(16,427)
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16/22/2018 EPB3879Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
26/22/2018Free Fall04356Complete GameZachary Frey  Complete
36/21/2018Band Leader237Complete Gamejeffh1658  Complete
46/21/2018Judge Dredd23320393422Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
56/21/2018The Addams Family20017I597539Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
66/21/2018Metallica (Pro LED)276841Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
76/21/2018Cyclone564132061Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
86/20/2018Batman (66 Premium)276693Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
96/20/2018Rollergames576362542Complete GameJasper van Eeden  Complete
106/20/2018Sky Jump04684Complete GameBasil LeBlanc  Complete
116/20/2018Skylab206780Complete GameBasil LeBlanc  Complete
126/20/2018Captain Hook5395Complete GameBasil LeBlanc  Complete
136/20/2018Bone Busters Inc.61945Complete GameBasil LeBlanc  Complete
146/20/2018Strikes 'N Spares621Complete GameBasil LeBlanc  Complete
156/20/2018Total Nuclear AnnihilationTNA0908170132Complete GameBasil LeBlanc  Complete
166/20/2018Continental CafeM50408CCComplete GameTodd Engle  Complete
176/20/2018Sky Jump05130Complete GameTodd Engle  Complete
186/19/2018Beat Time93803Body OnlyEM-fan  Complete
196/19/2018Mariner3449Head OnlyEM-fan  Complete
206/19/2018Hurricane50012I835232Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
216/19/2018 477587Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
226/19/2018 496378Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
236/19/2018Doctor Who20106707170Complete GameKen Sreeb  Complete
246/19/2018Top Score08157Complete Gamejeffh1658  Complete
256/19/2018Spirit of 7610818Complete Gamejeffh1658  Complete
266/19/2018Wizard!2179Complete GameKarbunkle  Complete
276/19/2018Star Wars77462Complete GameBif  Complete
286/19/2018Firepower427162Complete GameBif  Complete
296/19/2018Strikes and SparesESS13562Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
306/18/2018Chicago Cubs "Triple Play"4153Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
316/18/2018Eight BallEEB19638Complete GameFun House  Complete
326/18/2018Odd Ball941Complete GameRyan Claytor  Complete
336/18/2018Twilight Zone51420077501Complete GameFun House  Complete
346/18/2018Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure51017296751Other PartsFun House  Complete
356/18/2018Twilight Zone50220043191Complete GameFun House  Complete
366/18/2018Whirlwind574I337806Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
376/18/2018XenonEXE9942Complete GameFun House  Complete
386/18/2018Night Moves000260Complete GameGeorge Kalos  Complete
396/18/2018Bram Stoker's Dracula50101019111Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
406/18/2018Fan-Tas-Tic143710Complete GameJanet Hunt  Complete
416/17/2018Space Time6284Complete GameChris Hughes  Complete
426/17/2018 97426Other PartsFun House  Complete
436/17/2018Creature from the Black Lagoon21018024671Other PartsFun House  Complete
446/17/2018Pirates of the Caribbean206426Complete GameFun House  Complete
456/17/2018Flash GordonEFG8431Complete GamePaul  Complete
466/17/2018Mayfair3372Complete GameMatthew Szewczyk  Complete
476/17/2018Wild Life5195Complete GameMatthew Szewczyk  Complete
486/17/2018Royal Guard02449Complete GameMatthew Szewczyk  Complete
496/17/2018The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition08708266Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
506/17/2018Twilight Zone52720202482Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete

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