The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,211  Serials: 45,905  Visitors: 22,776,633  Members: 3,377  Photos: 23,221  Lat/Lng: 23,018  Masks: 45,905(739.09 %)  Traits: 489  Nudges: 118,287  Backglasses: 1,857
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(958)  Most Submissions: Rod McLarge(3,080)  Most Points: Rod McLarge(26,383)  Highest Quality: EM-fan(9.05)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(15,828)
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14/24/2018Dialed In! (Limited Edition)08721413Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
24/24/2018Breakshot2003310Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
34/24/2018Funhouse50003570178Complete GameDario Di Mare  Complete
44/23/2018High Speed54187334Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
54/23/2018Spanish Eyes125587Complete Gamerkymtn  Complete
64/23/2018 430502Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
74/23/2018 460562Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
84/23/2018No Good Gofers53361402701Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
94/23/2018Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure53317221462Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
104/23/2018Fish Tales50005021007Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
114/23/2018The Shadow53332100103Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
124/23/2018Indianapolis 50053326100822Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
134/23/2018The Shadow53332103525Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
144/23/2018The Getaway: High Speed II50004852706Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
154/23/2018The Simpsons Pinball Party175786Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
164/23/2018Safe Cracker93303100564Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
174/23/2018The Flintstones50429101099Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
184/23/2018The Addams Family20017594870Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
194/23/2018WHO dunnit53344102366Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
204/23/2018Earthshaker568210219Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
214/23/2018Creature from the Black Lagoon22818824230Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
224/23/2018AC/DC (LUCI Vault Edition)277052Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
234/23/2018Disney TRON Legacy237780Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
244/23/2018 06934Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
254/23/2018Bram Stoker's Dracula50001X150000Complete GameFun House  Complete
264/23/2018Houdini Master of MysteryHOU1171Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
274/23/2018Attack from Mars53341102316Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
284/23/2018The Shadow53332104419Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
294/22/2018Comet54072327Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
304/22/2018Doctor Who20106701310Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
314/22/2018Hokus Pokus1047Complete GameJonathan Arendt  Complete
324/21/2018F-14 Tomcat554105748Other PartsMark Hoffman  Complete
334/21/2018The Simpsons Pinball Party171132Complete GameJim Craig  Complete
344/21/2018Dialed In! (Limited Edition)08721599Complete GameFred Nicolas  Complete
354/21/2018Street Fighter II108634Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
364/21/2018High Speed54182489Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
374/21/2018Fireball Classic1434Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
384/21/2018Pirates of the Caribbean202934Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
394/21/2018Grand Lizard52337056Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
404/21/2018Genesis3865Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
414/20/2018Theatre of Magic52539102810Complete GameFun House  Complete
424/20/2018Hay-RideHR1039Complete GameEdward Gabrielle  Complete
434/20/2018Monster Bash51465400433Complete GameFun House  Complete
444/20/2018Red & Ted's Road Show52224104508Complete GameFun House  Complete
454/20/2018Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure52017255431Complete GameFun House  Complete
464/20/2018Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)276448Complete GameDennis Braun  Complete
474/20/2018High Speed54191474Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
484/20/2018High Speed54186676Other PartsDennis Braun  Complete
494/20/2018The Addams Family20017I040339Other PartsFun House  Complete
504/20/20184 Aces65328Complete GameBilly hesser  Complete

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