The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,304  Serials: 52,887  Visitors: 34,836,858  Members: 3,985  Photos: 29,540  Lat/Lng: 25,870  Masks: 52,887(838.94 %)  Traits: 512  Nudges: 150,190  Backglasses: 1,863
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,090)  Most Submissions: Dennis Braun(4,245)  Most Points: Dennis Braun(31,559)  Highest Quality: Jim Butler(9.15)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(20,105)
IPDB Data Updates
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Score-M-High2/3/2020Added to Database (6621)
Big Ben (Italy)2/3/2020ManufacturedYear updated from '' to '1975'
Marvel Spider-Man (Home Edition)2/3/2020GameName updated from 'Spider-Man (Home Edition)' to 'Marvel Spider-Man (Home Edition)'
Budapest2/3/2020Added to Database (6622)
Scoreboard (Shuffleboard)2/3/2020GameName updated from 'Shuffle Board' to 'Scoreboard (Shuffleboard)'
Easy Steps2/3/2020ManufacturedMonth updated from '3' to '2'
The Wizard2/3/2020GameName updated from 'Wizard' to 'The Wizard',ManufacturedMonth updated from '4' to '3'
All Star Hockey2/3/2020GameName updated from 'Hockey' to 'All Star Hockey'
Three Up2/3/2020ManufacturedMonth updated from '3' to '1'
Torpedo2/3/2020Added to Database (6623)
The Flush2/3/2020Added to Database (6624)
Psichedelic2/3/2020Added to Database (6625)
One on One Basketball2/3/2020Added to Database (6626)
WWE Raw vs. Smackdown2/3/2020Added to Database (6627)
Marvel Super Heroes2/2/2020Players updated from '' to '2'
Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End2/2/2020Players updated from '' to '2'
Atari Arcade Classics2/2/2020Added to Database (6628)
Spirit of 762/2/2020ProductionRun updated from '10300' to '10569'
Unnamed Baseball Game2/2/2020Added to Database (6629)
Baseball2/2/2020Added to Database (6630)
Play Ball2/2/2020Added to Database (6632)
Play Golf2/2/2020Added to Database (6631)
Trickle Ball2/2/2020Added to Database (6633)
Starfighter2/2/2020GameName updated from 'Star Fighter' to 'Starfighter'
Football '372/2/2020GameName updated from 'Football of 1937' to 'Football '37'
Wonder Woman2/2/2020Added to Database (6634)
Red Heads of 19422/2/2020ManufacturedMonth updated from '2' to '1'
Red Line Fever2/2/2020Abbreviations updated from '' to 'RLF',ManufacturedMonth updated from '' to '12',ManufacturedYear updated from '' to '1996',Players updated from '' to '4'
Zingy Bingy2/2/2020Added to Database (6635)
Breakshot2/2/2020Abbreviations updated from '' to 'BS'
Kingpin2/2/2020Abbreviations updated from '' to 'KP'
Jive Time2/2/2020ProductionRun updated from '' to '2100',ProductionRunApproximate updated from 'True' to 'False'
Rock 'N Roll2/2/2020ProductionRun updated from '' to '270',ProductionRunApproximate updated from 'False' to 'True'
Flipper Football2/2/2020Abbreviations updated from '' to 'FF',ManufacturedMonth updated from '10' to '9'
Supreme2/2/2020Added to Database (6609)
Spacelab (conversion model 443)1/11/2020ModelNumber updated from '444' to '443'
Spacelab1/11/2020ModelNumber updated from '' to '444'
Lightning1/8/2020ManufacturedMonth updated from '8' to '5'
Ice Show (Italy)1/8/2020GameName updated from 'Ice Show' to 'Ice Show (Italy)'
Hyde Park (Italy)1/8/2020GameName updated from 'Hyde Park' to 'Hyde Park (Italy)'
Subway (Italy)1/8/2020GameName updated from 'Subway' to 'Subway (Italy)'
Montecarlo1/8/2020Added to Database (6612)
Big-Ben1/8/2020Added to Database (6613)
Star Wars (Comic Art Pro)1/8/2020Added to Database (6614)
Star Wars (Comic Art Premium)1/8/2020Added to Database (6615)
The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition1/8/2020GameName updated from 'Star Wars Trilogy' to 'The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition'
Star Wars (Home Edition)1/8/2020Added to Database (6611)
Flying Carpet1/8/2020Added to Database (6616)
Tokyo Perfect Drift1/8/2020Added to Database (6618)
Thunderbirds1/8/2020Added to Database (6617)

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