The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,217  Serials: 51,441  Visitors: 31,632,955  Members: 3,816  Photos: 28,277  Lat/Lng: 25,100  Masks: 51,441(827.42 %)  Traits: 506  Nudges: 143,822  Backglasses: 1,862
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(1,071)  Most Submissions: Dennis Braun(3,732)  Most Points: Rod McLarge(27,987)  Highest Quality: Jim Butler(9.15)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(19,325)

All Manufacturers:

Manufacturer# of Games# of Serials
21st Century Entertainment10
A & A Design Group, of Argentina (2004)11
A & M Vending Machine Co. (1932)31
A. G. Sebring Corporation, of Chicago, Illinois10
A. Hankin & Co. (Australia) (1978-1981)54
A. J. Stephens and Co. (1932)50
A. L. Randall Company, Standard Games Dept.30
A. M. Amusement Games (1932)40
A. M. Watzer Co. (1932)30
A. S. Douglis & Co. (1932)10
A. W. & Co., of Marburg, Germany10
A. Zapp Mfg. Co. (1932)10
A.B.C. Coin Machine Co. (1932)20
A.B.T. Manufacturing Co. (1923-1962)323
A.M.I (Italy) (1975-1977)80
Abbott Specialties Corp., of New York, New York10
Ace Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Ace Novelty Co., The (1932)50
Achille and Chalvignac10
Acme Coin Machine Mfg. Co. (1948)10
Acorn Vending Company, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA10
Ad-Lee Company, of Chicago, Illinois, USA10
ADP Automaten GmbH, of Germany10
Advance Automatic Machine and Device Company10
Advance Automatic Machine Company, of Britain (1932)21
Advertising Craft Ltd.10
Advertising Posters Company60
Agamco, Inc., of Novi, Michigan23
Aisch & Melchers KG, of Bochum, West Germany (1960-1972)51
Alben (France) (1958-1964)181
Alfred Druschky30
All American Amusements (1987-1988)20
All American Games Co. (1936)20
Allied Amusements Mfg. Co. (1934-1935)61
Allied Leisure Industries, Inc. (1972-1979)1838
Allswell Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Alvin G. and Company (1992-1994)1380
American Amusement & Mfg. Co., Inc.11
American Amusement Co. (1932)30
American Engineering Co., of Cambridge, Massachusetts10
American Games Engineering Co., of Cambridge, Massachusetts10
American Home Entertainment20
American Mills and Mfg. Co. (1932)10
American Pinball Inc., of Streamwood, Illinois244
American Sales Corp. (1932-1933)20
American Sales Promotion Company10
American Scale Mfg. Co. (1933)10
Amusematic Corporation30
Amusement Corporation of America (1932)10
Amusement Industries, Inc., of Youngstown, Ohio10
Amusement Machine Corporation of America, Ltd., of Hollywood10
Amusement Machine Corporation, Ltd., of Los Angeles, CA10
Amusement Novelty Supply (1935)20
Apple Time10
Arcadia Novelty Company, of England10
Arco (1942)30
Arco Falc S.R.L., of Milan, Italy20
Arkon (Germany) (1980-1982)32
Arlington Sales (1932)20
Artistic Novelty Works (1932)10
Artists and Creators Guild Inc. (1932)55
Astro Games Inc. (1979)22
Atari, Inc. (1976-1983)17152
Atlas Indicator Works Inc. (1931-1932)61
Atlas Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Australian Poolette Co.10
Auto Bell Novelty Co. (1950-1962)20
Automat Games Co. (Chicago, IL) (1935)30
Automatenbau Paul Bohlmann, of Berlin, Germany10
Automatic Amusement Company10
Automatic Amusements Co. (1932-1935)140
Automatic Engineering Corp. (1935)30
Automatic Games Co. (Inglewood, CA) (1933)10
Automatic Games Co. (St. Paul, MN) (1932-1935)10
Automatic Industries, Inc. (1931-1936)96
Automatic Industries, Ltd.20
Automatic Jobbers Association, Inc. (1932-1933)10
Automaticos MonteCarlo, of Spain10
Automave Servicios Sociedad Annima, of Madrid30
Autronic Handels GmbH10
B & L Co.10
B. G. Melton and Co. (1932)10
Baker Machine & Plating Company, Incorporated10
Baker Novelty and Mfg. Co. (1939-1941)141
Baker-Case Manufacturing Company11
Ball Products (1943-1944)80
Ballota GMBH40
Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983) 6658763
Bally Midway Mfg. Co. (1983-1988) 32414
Bally Wulff (Germany) (1986-1987)1213
Barni, of Barcelona, Spain30
Barok Co. (1931-1932)30
Bay City Games, Inc. (1932)10
Bay-Tek Games, Incorporated, of Pulaski, Wisconsin10
Beger Mfg. Co. (1936)10
Bell Coin Matic (Italy)41
Bell games (Italy)149
BEM, of Milano, Italy40
Bensa (Milan, Italy) (1974)50
Bera Automatenfabrik, of Berlin, Germany10
Better Games Co. (Flint, MI) (1933)22
Beverator Company (1935)10
Bill Port (Madrid, Spain)60
Bill's Novelty Co. (1932)10
Billares Quevedo, of Madrid, Spain20
Bingo Novelty Mfg. Co. (1931-1932)140
Binks Industries, Inc.20
Birmingham Vending Company20
Block Marble Co. (1948)40
Bonzini et Soprans20
Boyle Amusement Co. (1932)30
Briarwood, Div. Of Brunswick Mfg. Co. (1976-1977)915
Bridget Mfg. Co. (1932)20
Broadway Novelty Co.10
Bromley, Inc.22
Brooklyn Amusement Machine Co, of Brooklyn, New York, USA10
Brunswick Mfg. Co. (1932-1980)836
Buckley Mfg. Co. (1932-1936)101
Burrows (1935)20
Butler Specialty Co. (1932)10
C & S Novelty (1945)10
C. & D. Manufacturing Company10
C. D. Fairchild Amusement Machine Corp. (1931)10
C. E. Hoagland, of Los Angeles, California, USA (1935)40
C. F. Eckhart & Co. (1933-1935)30
C.E.A. Electronics Corporation (Bologna, Italy) (1977-1979)71
Caille Bros. (1901)20
Caille-Schiemmer Co. (1901)20
Caldwell Novelty Co., of Lenoir, North Carolina20
California Exhibit Co. (1935)80
California Games Company10
California Games, Inc. (1934-1935)50
Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. (1995 - 12/9/1996) 799
Carlson Manufacturing Company, of Chicago, Illinois, USA10
Carnival Supply Co. (1932)10
Carrohart Specialty Company, of Chicago, Illinois, USA20
Cedes S.A.(Barcelona, Spain)20
Central Manufacturing Co.10
Centro Matic S.A. (Spain) (1973-1978)71
Century Consolidated Industries Company22
Century Games Limited (San Jose, CA.)10
Century Mfg. Co. (1934)40
Champion Games (Beverly, MA)10
Charles Marshall Gravatt12
Chicago Coin Machine Mfg. Co. (1932-1977)253381
Chicago Coin Machinery Company, of Chicago, Illinois10
Chicago Vending Co. (1934)10
Churchill Cabinet (2003) 5257
CIC Play (Barcelona, Spain)20
Cipriano Martinez Cembrano, of Zaragoza, Spain [Trade Name: CMC]10
Cisco Co. Inc. (1932)10
Clinton Berle Allen, of Shepherd, Michigan10
CMC Cresmatic, Sociedad Limitada, of Spain10
Coast Coin Machine Co. (1933)20
Coin Concepts, Incorporated (1994)10
Coin Device Mfg. Co. Inc., of Syracuse, New York11
Coin Game Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Coincraft Corp. (1935)21
Coinomatic Corp. (1932)10
Coleco Industries, Inc., of West Hartford, Connecticut50
Collins Entertainment, Inc., of Greenville, South Carolina10
Colonial Specialties Company50
Comet, of Dijon, France10
Como Mfg. (1951)10
Compagnie Industrielle Des appareils Automatiques20
Comptoir Industriel De Fabrication Pour L'Automatique10
Creative Products, of Downers Grove, Illinois10
Culp Products Company10
D. Gottlieb & Co. (1931-1977) 5255282
D. Gottlieb & Co., a Columbia Pictures Industries Company892900
D. Robbins and Co. (1932-1936)40
Dallas Novelty Company Incorporated, of Dallas, Texas, USA20
Dallas Novelty Sales Co. Inc. (1932)30
Dama S.R.L. (Milan, Italy) (1970)160
Data East USA, Inc. (1987-1994)411842
Daval Mfg Co. Inc., G.B. (1934-1939)545
Day One Pinball Manufacturing, of Huntley, Illinois, USA10
Delmar Manufacturing Company, of New York, New York, USA10
DeLo Specialty Co., of Ithaca, New York10
Deluxe Amusement Co. (1932-1934)40
Dennard-Williams & Dennard (Henderson, Texas) (1933)10
Device Mfg. Inc. (1932)10
Dewey Coin Machine Company10
Ditta Artigiana Ricambi10
Ditta Ripepi s.p.a. (Messina, Italy) (1976)10
Diverama, of So Paulo, Brazil30
Dixie Music Co. (1932-1933)40
Donald E Hooker, of Los Angeles, California, USA (1934)10
Dudley-Clark Co. (1934)50
Dudouit Fils, of Paris, France (1932)10
Dutch Pinball, of Reuver, The Netherlands216
Dyscus Mfg. Co. (1932)10
E. E. Junior Mfg. Co. (1932)30
E. G. S. (Italy) (1981)10
E. Grulet & Cie10
E. Hood and Company10
E. M. Marchant (France) (1952-1959)60
E. P. Johnson Mfg. Co. (1932)10
E.M. & H. Co., of Geneva, Illinois10
Eagle Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co., of Chicago, Illinois10
Earl & Koehler Manufacturing Company, of Portland, Oregon10
Elbos Electronics, of Italy20
Electra Mfg. Co., of Kansas City, Missouri10
Electro Black Diamond Double Pin Table Co. (1933)10
Electro-Ball Company, of Dallas, Texas, USA40
Electromatic Brasil30
Electromaton, Inc.10
Elettrocoin (Italy) (1966)112
Empire Wood Working Co. (1932)10
Erich Buttner, of Leipzig, Germany40
Esso Manufacturing Corp., of Hoboken, New Jersey10
Europa Coin10
European Automaten Service, of Germany11
Europlay (Italy)141
Eusebio Martinez Garcia, of Spain20
Ewen, White & Co., Ltd., of London, England10
Excels (1936)10
Exhibit Supply Co. (1932-1957) 15434
Exidy Inc. (1974)10
F. W. Wettzel Novelty Works (1939)10
Fabulous Fantasies, of Tarzana, California21
Falls Manufacturing Company, of Youngstown, Ohio, USA10
Fantasy Games, Inc.10
Fascination Int., Inc. (1977-1979)429
Firestone Enterprises, Inc.10
Fischer, a Division of Questor Manufacturing Company11
Fisher & Coe Mfg. Co. (1933)10
Fiveteen Pool, of Italy10
Fliperbol, of So Paulo, Brazil (1980-1982)10
Fliptronic (Holland) (Mfg by Rally) (1967-1969)10
Forster Manufacturing (Furth, West Germany)20
FRANGAL-AIR Industrie, of Landas, France10
Fred W. Kramer Amusements Co. (1932)10
Frees Bros., of Chicago, Illinois10
Froom Laboratories, Inc., of Youngstown, Ohio (1936)40
Fßbrica de Aparatos Electro Mecßnicos Recreativos, S.L60
G. M. Laboratories, Inc. (1935-1936)80
Gamages of Houlborn10
Game Plan, Inc. (1978-1985)26152
Games, Incorporated10
Gatter Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Gatter Novelty Company20
Gee Bee Manufacturing. Co. (1933-1934) 20
Geiger-Automatenbau GMBH (Germany) (1981)112
Genco Mfg. Co. (1931-1957)19158
General Automatic Amusements (Belgium)70
General Novelty Mfg. Co. (1933)20
General Vending Sales Corporation, of Baltimore, Maryland11
Geordan Corporation10
George Ponser Co., of Chicago, Illinois10
Gerber & Glass Distributing Company, of Chicago, Illinois20
Gerber's Games Inc. (1932)10
Giepen Associates, Inc., of River Grove, Illinois11
Gillispie Games Co. (Long Beach, CA)20
Giorgio Massiero (Milan, Italy) (1976)30
Giuliano Lodola (1978-1981)92
Glickman Co. (1942-1944)20
Glickman Industries, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania180
Global VR, of San Jose, California13
Globe Mfg. Co. (1934-1935)40
Gotham Pressed Steel Corporation (1936)122
Grand Products Inc. (1986)10
Great Lakes (1947)10
Great Northern Chair Company20
Great States Mfg. Co. (1932)20
Groetchen Tool and Die Co. (1932)10
H & M Manufacturing Co. (1932-1933)10
H. C. Evans & Co. (1935-1948)151
H. P. Schafer, of Peoria, Illinois10
H. W. Goewey, of Baltimore, Maryland, USA10
Ham, Jac Van (Tilburg, Holland) (1987)42
Hamilton Mfg. Co (1933)10
HanaHo Games, Inc.10
Hannahs Mfg. Co. (1937)10
Hawtins (British) (1946)10
Heighway Pinball, Ltd., of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK436
Hercules Novelty Company (1931-1932)90
Hi Ball Amusement Co., of Los Angeles, California10
Hi-Shot Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Hi-Skor Amusement Company, of Henderson, North Carolina10
Hispamatic, S.A., of Badalona, Spain10
Home Novelty and Sales Co. (1933)10
Hoopers' Automatics, of London, England10
Hoosier Games Company10
Houston Showcase and Mfg. Co. (1932-1933)40
Hutchison Engineering Company, of Nashville, Tennessee10
Hy C Enterprises10
I.D.I. (Italy)40
Iberomatic S.A.41
Ideal Steel Products Corp., of Chicago, Illinois10
Ideas y Diseos, Sociedad Annima, of Spain (1984-1991)31
Illinois Novelty Co.10
Illinois Pin Ball Inc. (2000-) 10
imem, of Salerno, Italy10
In and Outdoor Games Co. (1931-1932)40
Incredible Technologies, Incorporated10
Industria Electromecßnica de Recreativos S.A429
Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, Inc.12
Interflip S. A. (Spain) (1975)59
Internatinal Automatics30
International Concepts (1989)231
International Mutoscope Corporation10
International Mutoscope Reel Co., Inc. (1932-1936)100
International Playboard Company30
Irving Bromberg Co. (1932)20
Irving Kaye Co. Inc., of Brooklyn, New York20
J. Esteban, of So Paulo, Brazil51
J. F. Linck Corp., of Milwaukee, Wisconsin10
J. F. Thomas10
J. H. Keeney and Co. Inc. (1931-1964)9618
J. H. Singer, of New York, New York, USA (0000-0000)30
J. Kammen10
J. Martina (France) (1968-1970)180
J. P. Seeburg Corp. (1932)40
Japanese Vending Machine Company10
Jay Screw Products Corporation (1932)10
JENSIgame S.E., of Malmö, Sweden10
Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc., of Lakewood, New Jersey11213
Jeutel (France) (1981-1986)70
Jocmatic S.A., of Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain10
Joctronic S.A. (Tarragona, Spain) (1986-1987)31
John Ellson, of Albany, New York [Trade Name: Ellson]10
John Gille Company, of Belgium20
Johnson and Johnson (1932)10
Jolux (France) (1969)10
Jon Norris10
Joseph Schneider Incorporated, of New York, USA (1935-1942)70
Juegos Populares (Spain) (1986)81
Jumaci (Madrid)30
K & F Specialty Co. (1933)10
K-A Manufacturing Co. (1932)10
K-T Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Kansas City Ball Table Company10
Karom Golf Table Corp. (1931)30
Keaon Corporation, of Taipei, Taiwan10
Keeney and Sons (1931-1932)70
Kenyon Mfg. Co., of Chicago, Illinois10
King Amusement Company10
King Game Factories (1932)30
King Products Company, of Los Angeles, California, USA20
Klebba Novelty Co. (1931-1932)10
Klode Shops10
KOALA, of England10
Komplett Flipper (Germany) (A. H. Geiger Co.)10
Komputer Dynamics (1971)10
Kozak Specialty Co. (1933)10
Kromson, of Zaragoza, Spain10
L and R Manufacturing Co. (Chicago, IL) (1935)20
L. B. Elliot Products Co. Inc., L.B. (1936-1937)40
Leisure & Allied Industries, of Perth, Australia819
Leon Tasken Co. (1936)10
Lin Up Mfg. Co. (1933)10
Lincoln Manufacturing Co. (Youngstown, Ohio) (1932)10
Lincoln Novelty Co. (1932)10
Lindstrom Tool and Toy Co. (1934)280
Lone Eagle Mfg. Co. (1933)10
LORI, of Bologna, Italy20
Los Angeles Games Co. (1934-1937)20
Louisville Novelty Mfg. Co. (1943)10
LTD, of Campinas, So Paulo, Brazil (1977-1984)171
Lucky Star Mfg. Co. (1932)30
Lucky Strike Mfg. Co. (1932)30
Lundick Mfg., Inc., of Youngstown, Ohio10
Lynwood Mfg. Co. (1932)10
M & T Sales Co.10
M. Redgrave Bagatelle Company (1885-1925)70
Maibesa, S.A., of Spain20
Major Automatics Co.20
Malaise Bury10
Mambelli, of Cesena, Italy20
Manhattan Sales Co. (1932)10
Manufacturas Automaticas Americanas (Barcelona, Spain)50
Maquinas Automaticas Computerizadas, S.A.60
Marble Games Co. (1931)10
Marbo Stimulator Co., Inc., of Hubbard, Ohio10
Marca (Spain)10
Maresa (Madrid, Spain)566
Markepp Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Marsa, of Spain10
Martel, of Spain10
Marvel Mfg. Co. (1944-1948)151
Marx Toys10
Mason and Co. (1932)20
Mattel Electronics Co. (1977)18
Max Jentzsch & Meerz Leipzig130
Mayoni Enterprises (1989)20
MC and D. (1948)20
Md, of Italy10
Mecatronics, a.k.a. Taito (Brazil), a division of Taito10
Mechanical Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Micropin Corp. (1979-1980)24
Midland Components, Ltd.10
Midway Manufacturing Co. (1959-1978) 2925
Midway Mfg. Co., a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Inc.416120
Midway Pattern Co. (1932)10
Midwest Sales Corp. (1932)10
Miller Cabinet Co. (1932)10
Mills Novelty Company (1932-1942)416
Mirco Games, Inc. (1975-1978)25
Model Racing10
Mondialmatic (Florence, Italy) (1979)70
Monte Carlo Amusement Company10
Mortimer Glass Company, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA10
Mosley Vending Machine Exchange (1931-1932)20
Mr. Game (Bologna, Italy) (1988-1990)64
Multimorphic, Inc., of Austin, Texas (2017-now)50
Munves Mfg. Co. (1946)10
Mylstar Electronics, Inc. (1983-1984) 1272
Nash Manufacturing Company, of Boston, Massachusetts10
Nate Schneller Inc. (1949-1951) 141
Nation Wide Novelties, Inc., of Chicago, Illinois10
National Automatic Machine Co. (1931-1932)30
National Games11
National Pin Games Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Nelson Mfg. Co. (1936)10
Niemer S.A., of Barcelona, Spain10
Nihon Goraku Kabushikigaisha, of Japan10
Nondum S.A.L., of Barcelona, Spain11
Nordomatic (Verona, Italy) (1975-1979)101
North Star (Montreal, Canada)20
Northwest Amusement Co. (1933)10
Northwest Coin Machine Co. (1931-1932)71
Northwestern Mail Box Company11
Novamatic S.p.A. (Milan, Italy) (1970)10
Novomatic AG, of Gumpoldskirchen, Austria40
NSM Lions (Bingen, Germany) aka Lowen (1985)42
Nu-Way Sales Company, of Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA (1932)10
Nuova Bell Games (Italy) (1985-1988)93
O-Lett-O Novelty Co.10
O. D. Jennings and Co. (1932-1938)3714
Olympic Manufacturing Co.50
Osbrink Games Company10
P & S Machine Co. (1946)100
Pace Mfg. Co. Inc. (1932-1933)60
Pacent Novelty Mfg. Co. (1936-1937)10
Pacific Amusement Mfg. Co. (1932-1937)658
Pacific Mfg. Corp. (1937)51
Panter Gaming, of Ljubljana, Slovenia10
Parlor Table Company (1902)10
Pasini, of Bologna, Italy20
Pass-Time Table Company, Detroit, Michigan10
Peerless Products Company10
Peerless Sales and Products Co. (1932)10
Penn-Ohio Games Co.10
Pennsylvania Novelty Co. (1931)10
Penny Ante Amusements Co.10
Peo Mfg. Corp. (1932-1936)112
Pessers & Moody10
Pessers, Moody, Wraith, & Gurr10
Petaco (Madrid, Spain)482
Phillips Electronics, Ltd.11
Pierce Tool and Mfg. Co. (1932-1935)60
Pin Ball Mfg. Co. (1975-1979)40
Pinball Manufacturing Inc., a division of Illinois Pinball117
Pinball Shop, of Bologna, Italy40
Pinstar (1985-1986)40
Pioneer (1945)10
Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc., of San Jose, California10
Playbar s.a. (Barcelona, Spain)20
Playmatic (Barcelona, Spain) (1974-1985)7624
Playmec flippers (Bologna, Italy) (1975)20
Precision Automatics, Ltd.10
Premier Technology (1984-1996) 691426
Professional Pinball51
Prosperity Coin Machine Corporation (1932-1933)50
Quetzal Pinball, of Murcia, Spain (2016-now)10
R.& H. Sales Company10
R.G. Kollmorgen, of Coldwater, Michigan10
R.H. Osbrink Manufacturing Co.10
R.M.G. (Bologna, Italy)141
Rally-Play Co. (France) (1962-1969)237
Ramtek Corp., of Sunnyvale, California10
Rapid Pinball (Kent Town, S.A.)10
Recel S. A. (Madrid, Spain) (1974-1986)4360
Recreativos Franco (Madrid, Spain)130
Recreativos Invermatic, of Spain10
Red Baron Amusements (Australia)10
Reisinger Machine Works, Inc. (1932)10
Reith & Company, of Wüppertal, Germany10
Reliance Cabinet Co., Inc. (1932)10
Retro Pinball LLC22
Revolving Table Games Co., of Chicago, Illinois10
Rex Mfg. (1945)10
Rich Toys, Rich Manufacturing Company, of Morrison, Illinois20
Richard Mfg. Co. (1932)50
Richwine and Co. (1932)20
Riot Pinball, LLC, of St. Paul, Minnesota (2015)10
Ripepi, of Messina, Italy50
Ro-S-Co, of Canada10
Rock-ola Mfg. Corp. (1932-1938)538
Rogers, Jack (France) (1959-1960)50
Roll-O Company (Rockaway, New York)10
Romagnoli, of Italy10
Roto Manufacturing10
Rotor Table Games Co, Inc. (1935)60
Rowamet, of Brazil (1980-1983)50
Roy McGinnis Co. (1944)30
Royal Ball Mfg. Co., of Youngstown, Ohio10
Royal Music Company, of Webster, Massachusetts, USA10
Royal Novelty Co. (1932-1934)101
Royal Play11
Rube Gross & Co.31
Sadem, of France (1964)10
Salmon (France) (1961)10
Salor, S.A.50
Sankyo Seiki Kabushikigaisha, of Tokyo, Japan11
Sankyo Yuen Setsubi Kabushikigaisha, of Japan10
Satelite, of Spain10
Science Tech, Tdmk of Bowen Hill Ltd., of Hong Kong, China10
Scientific Machine Corp. (1934)170
Scott, Adickes & Cie, of Paris, France (1932-1934)50
Seaboard New York Corporation10
Sega (Tokyo, Japan) (1972-1978)2617
Sega of America, of Redondo Beach, California10
Sega Pinball, Inc. (American)22598
Segasa (Spain) (1972-1986)1622
Segasa d.b.a. Sonic (Spain)2145
Sheraton Crafts, of New York City, New York10
Shields, of Bridlington, U.K.20
Show Games (Belgium)80
Shyvers Automatic Coin Machine Co. (1934)121
Shyvers Manufacturing Company, of Seattle, Washington, USA10
Shyvers Mfg. Co. (1936-1937)80
Sicking Manufacturing Company, of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA10
Siegfried Schumacher, of Germany10
Silver Star Mfg. Co. (1932-1933)30
Silver-Marshall, Inc. (1932)10
Simplex Phonograph Corp. (1932)10
SIRMO (Belgium)635
Skee-Ball, Inc.10
Skilgames, Inc., of Alliance, Ohio (1932)20
Skill-O Mfg. Co. (1931)10
Skillgame d.b.a. Renato Montanari Giochi, of Bologna, Italy52
Sky Show, of Italy10
SLEIC (Madrid, Spain) (1994-1996) 50
Smith Manufacturing Company, of Tampa, Florida, USA10
Snicker Table Co. (1931)20
Soc Elettrogiochi de Benedetti & Fagioli21
SOREX, of Belgium40
Southern Automatic Sales Co. (1932)10
Southland Engineering, Incorporated11
Southwestern Novelty Co. (1933)10
Specialty Mfg. Co. (1932)40
Specialty Sales Co. (1931)10
Spinball (Spain) (1995-1996)37
Splin S.A., of Belgium211
Spooky Pinball LLC, of Benton, Wisconsin569
Sport Matic, S.A., of Spain30
Square Amusement Co.10
Staal Society (France) (1977)20
Standard Amusement Co. (Beaumont, TX) (1932-1933)50
Standard Games Co. (1932)10
Standard Mfg. Co. (1932-1933)40
Standard Novelty Co.10
Star Machine Mfg., Inc. (1933)10
Sterling Mfg. Co. (1932-1933)10
Sterling Novelty Manufacturing Company30
Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984) 38915
Stern Pinball, Inc. (1999-) 1123056
Stoner Mfg. Co. (1933-1941)7310
Success Games Co. (1932-1941)30
Success Manufacturing Corporation, of Chicago, Illinois, USA30
Sullivan-Nolan Advertising (1943)170
Sunnisam Games Co. (1932) 10
Superior Amusement Company50
Superior Manufacturing Company20
Superior Products Co., of Chicago, Illinois10
Supreme Vending Co., Inc. (1932-1933)10
T and M Sales Co. (1948-1949)20
T. S. Halpin & Co. Ltd.10
T.H. Bergmann & Co. (Hamburg, Germany) (1952-1960)184
Tabart, Christian (France) (1987-1989)30
Taito (Japan)11
Taito Do Brasil, a division of Taito, Japan347
Taiwan YuanMei Co., Ltd., of Taiwan10
Talleres de Automatico, S.A., of Madrid, Spain [Trade Name: TASA]10
Talleres de Llobregat S.A. [Automaticos] (Barcelona, Spain)241
Technoplay (San Marino, Italy) (1987-1989)50
Tennyson Manufacturing Company, of Chicago, Illinois, USA10
Thames Mfg. Co.30
The Ad-Lee Company, Inc. (1932-1935)80
The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, of USA10
The Field Mfg. Co. (1931-1933)151
The Fred W. Stein Mfg. Co., of Atchison, Kansas10
The Garco Co., of Chicago, Illinois10
The Harry Hoppe Corp. (1939)10
The Henry W.T. Mali & Co., Inc. (1977)62
The Hoge Mfg. Co. Inc., of New York, USA10
The National Speciali-ty Company, of Youngstown, Ohio10
The Piffle Novelty Co.10
The Pinball Company, of Dörfles-Esbach, Germany10
The Pinball Factory10
The Rolo-Polo Company10
The Seidel Amusement Machine Company21
The Sharp-Boyd Company, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA40
The Shelden, Dickson & Steven Mfg. Co., of Omaha, Nebraska10
The Slot Construction Company B.V.B.A.70
The Valley Company, Subsidiary of Walter Kidde & Co., Inc.113
The Vending Machine Company, of Fayetteville, North Carolina32
The W. C. Peters Company11
The Whiz-Bo Mfg. Co., of Youngstown, Ohio10
Ting-A-Ling Mfg. Co.10
Treff Automaten (Germany)63
Try Me Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Tsunami Visual Technologies, Inc., of Fremont, California10
Tura Aotomatfabrik Gmbh (Leipzig, Germany)110
Twin City Novelty Co. (1932)10
U.S Tehkan Inc.10
U.S. Billiards, Inc., of Amityville, New York10
United Amusement Co. (1932)30
United Manufacturing Company (Diversey)10
United Mfg. Co. (1942-1962)10084
United Profit Sales Company10
United Specialty Company, of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1933)10
Universal (Japan) (1980)40
Universal de Desarrollos Electronicos, S.A.114
Universal Industries (1949-1951)48
Universal Manufacturing Company (1933)10
Universal Novelty Mfg. Co. (1932-1950)40
Universal Space Amusement Co., Ltd., Hong Kong, China10
Unknown Manufacturer2552
V. P. Distributing Company, of St. Louis, Missouri, USA170
Valco Automatenbouw B.V.30
Valley Dynamo, of Richland Hills, Texas (2017)20
Van-Scho Corp (1934)10
VEB Luckenwalder Metallwarenfabrik, of Luckenwalde, Germany11
Venture Line (1978)10
Victory Games (1943-1946)270
Victory Sales Co. (1946-1949)70
Viza (1980)37
W. J. C. Vending Co. (1932)10
W. N. Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Waddell Co., Inc. (1932)10
Wal-Bil Novelty Co. (1932)20
Wanghe Mfg. Co., of Youngstown, Ohio10
Ward Bros Novelty Company, of Jersey City, New Jersey, USA10
Warren Manufacturing Company (1932)30
Warren Novelty Co., of Warren, Ohio10
Watling Mfg. Co. (1932-1935)21
West & Rosenkranz, of Leipzig, Germany10
Westerhaus Amusement Co. (1943-1947)60
Westerhaus Manufacturing Company, of Cheviot, Ohio30
Western Electric Piano Co. (1932)10
Western Equipment & Supply Co. (1934-1938)461
Western Mfg. Co. (1932)11
Western Products, Inc. (1938-1941)182
Whirlpool Sales Agency Inc. (1932)40
Whiz Ball Mfg. Co. (1932)43
Whizbang Pinball, of Lake Villa, Illinois13
Wico Corp. (1977-1984)215
Widget Mfg. Co. (1931)10
Williams (All Years, All Company Names)10
Williams Electronic Games, Inc., a subsidiary of WMS Inc.7310298
Williams Electronic Manufacturing Co. (1958-1967) 103662
Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) 1884986
Williams Manufacturing Company (1944-1958) 174469
Willy Michiels (WIMI Games)(Belgium)200
Witzig's Limited, of England61
Wonder Wizard10
World Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Yohio Manufacturing Company20
Yoho & Hooker, of Youngstown, Ohio, USA (1932)10
Zaccaria (Bologna, Italy) (1974-1987)52285
Zenith Mfg. Co. (1932)10
Zizzle Arcade Pinball, of Bannockburn, Illinois (2006)40
Zowie Dist. Co., Inc. (1932)10

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